Become a Supplier and Partner to Support Group Nine Clients :

Group NiNe realizes that it has several strengths and one of its main strength is VENDOR RELATIONSHIP, our vendors who provide us with supply pool of consultants trust us that we will deal with them in a just and transparent. With most of our vendors we are doing repeat business because the level of trust has grown over the years.

Your company can become part of the “Group NiNe Vendor Management Program List” or “G9 VMP List” ,if you have a proven candidate network specializing in certain job categories and/or geographic markets. By becoming a staffing supplier to leading Group NiNe , you can leverage your strengths and increase your business.

By being a “Group NiNe Vendor Management Program List “you will:

  • Gain quicker access to all applicable job orders. No longer will you miss open job orders because you heard about them after someone else filled them.
  • First preference : We will give first preference to your consultant if you are part of the list because of the prior trust level.
  • Receive timely feedback on submittals. No longer wonder whatever happened with your submittal because no one bothered to let you know of the decision.
  • Receive payments on time : We understand the level of mistrust in the staffing industry wherein the payments aren’t released on time. With Group NiNe chasing for a payment will be a thing of the past. You will be AMAZED at the level of professionalism and promptness with which we release payment to you.

Apply today to join G9 VMP List and increase your client base and revenue potential.

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