Meet The Team


Ankit Sharma:
Senior Manager /Account Manager:
He has over 7 years’ experience in the US IT Staffing industry. He is an enthusiastic person with in-depth knowledge.Ankit understands the needs of his clients and based on it, motivates his team to find the resources. He is very thorough while screening the consultants who are submitted to the client. You can completely trust your positions with him because he will make sure that you only get the best resumes submitted. He is quick to respond and update you.
He holds Bachelor Degree in Science and Master Degree in MBA (International Business and Marketing). In his spare time he likes to play cricket, watch movies, listen music, travel. He cares for the environment and believes that clean surroundings are the key to healthy lifestyle.

Neeraj Siddharth:
Accounts Manager:
He has over 3 + years of experience. He has the ability to maintain clients’ relationship with his sincerity and complete understanding of the positions that they want him to work upon. He makes his submissions to the clients with highlighting and marking why his submissions stand out. As a result, he has been able to grow his clients base within a very short span of his career.
He holds: Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering with 6.2 CGPA and has done schooling from -High School & Intermediate from CMS, Lucknow. (World’s Largest School). In his spare time, he reads current business and economic magazines, listening to slow music and cooking! And is passionate about playing Snooker/Billiards. Won the State Level Billiards Competition in 2013 and have had played at National Level.
He also is an animal lover and believes in keeping the environment clean and is currently a member of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan committee in Lucknow and was awarded a certificate for same in 2015 for helping a team in cleaning near about 15 societies in Lucknow.


Ayush Srivastava:
Sr Recruiter:
He has over 4 years’ experience in recruiting. He specializes in full-time recruiting and has an excellent approach to understand the skills required while working in different positions. He has the passion for networking with people and finds excitement in the world of new startups.
He holds: Bachelors in Technology
In his spare time, he likes to do painting/sketching, reading and writing. He is involved in NGO for child education and welfare and is part of an initiative for generating self-employment for underprivileged.”

Bhavya Maheshwari:
Sr Recruiter:
likes to work in fast paced environment and has strong experience in analyzing both the positions and the submissions in a very quick manner. Soft-spoken yet very articulate.

He holds: engineering degree and is a Gate qualifier. And has several renowned certifications that supports his current job and work. In his spare time, he likes to play mind games and loves driving and watching new movies. He is involved in gardening and well being of stray dogs and gives education to underprivileged kids.

Harshit Mittal:
Sr Recruiter:
He is a detail oriented recruiter. He has very good understanding of the recruiting world and has ability and passion to support as many positions as possible.
He holds an Electronics Engineering degree with 6.5 CGPA.
His Hobbies/ Interests: include reading novels and articles by renowned writers, and watching cricket. He has interest in traveling and exploring new locations.
He was a part of NGO located in Delhi, India and was awarded with a participating certificate along with his group in 2015, for planting more than 3000 plants in Delhi NCR region.


Hina Singh:
VP – HR:
Hina has vast experience in entertainment and aviation industry. She sees to it that the company’s day to day HR needs are taken care and is always looking to keep the company’s functioning well oiled.

Account Manager:
He is incharge of Group NiNe’s accounts department and manages the entire operations with accuracy and complete precision.

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