About Us

Welcome to the Staffing world of Group NiNeLLC , a Michigan based company. The above line describes our group in the best possible way. We come together as a team every morning and try to do the best for our “Clients” and our “Candidates”. The team at Group NiNe uses each and every minute of their day to make sure both its clients and its consultants are getting the professional service that they deserve.

  • Ethics
  • Governance
  • Transparency
  • Business Relationships
  • Financial Return
  • Community Involvement / Economic Development
  • Values of Products and Services
  • Employment Practices
  • Protection of the Environment

The company establishes, promotes, monitors, and maintains ethical standards and practices in dealings with all of the company stakeholders.

The company manages all its resources consientiously and effectively, recognizing the fiduciary duty of corporate boards and managers to focus on the interests of all company stakeholder.

The company provides timely disclosure of information about its products, services, and activities.

Business Relationships:
The company engages in fair-trading practices with suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Financial Return:
The company compensates providers of capital with a competitive return on investment and the protection of company assets.

Community Involvement / Economic Development:
The company fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the corporation and community in which it is sensitive to the culture, context, and the needs of the community.

Values of Products and Services:
the company respects the needs, desires, and rights of its customers and strives to provide the highest levels of product and service values.

Employment Practices:
The company engages in human resource management practices that promote personal and professional employee development, diversity, and empowerment.

Protection of the Environment:
The company strives to protect and restore the environment and promote sustainable development with products, processes, services and other activities.

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